Testing The White Wall

Oh, white walls! What’s not to like about them? (Unless you’re in charge of constantly keeping ’em white I guess). Which works just as well because word on the street got out that we’re opening a new studio and this little cutiepie came right to our doorstep to offer her services. Before you scream child labor, let it be known that we have aptly repaid her hard work with some candies and soda drinks good ol’ h2O. She drives a hard bargain this one. Of…Continue Reading “Testing The White Wall”

zul & miera

Sebuah kebahagiaan yang luar biasa dicipta apabila melihat kalian melangsungkan akad nikah dan berpegangan tangan di pelamin sebagai permulaan kisah cinta kalian yang sempurna. Kisah cinta dua insan. Zul & Asmira. Berkasih sudah lama, kini sudah tiba masanya berumah tangga. Zul dan Asmira ditakdirkan untuk bertemu sesama mereka. Bak kata pepatah, kalau sudah jodoh tak kemana, kalau dilepaskan ia akan kembali. Harap anda terhibur dengan lensa camera kami. Kami akui masih perlu diperbaiki. Selamat Pengantin Baru.  

Coming Soon

These past few years have been a phenomenal roller coaster ride. Thrilling and exciting, where every turn is always a new discovery. A new opportunity. A new beginning.  After years of working under the umbrella of a large media communication corporation, I’ve decided it was high time for me to pursuit my dreams of opening my own company. To stand on my own two feet.  So, I left.  I began refocusing on Krom Studio, working from just a tiny empty shoe box called home. Day…Continue Reading “Coming Soon”

Afif & Ika

Friends come and go. Some turn into best friends. And in rare occasions, they get to marry their best friend.

That’s the story of Afif and Ika.

What started off as strangers during University turned out as soulmates when both of them pursued their studies abroad. Afif is more of a laid back individual, always goofing around and making silly jokes. Always the sarcastic fella, you can never take him seriously. While Ika is more reserved, kind, and soft spoken. There’s this inner beauty that radiantly shines throughout her. A total sweetheart.

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